Stop the Violence

Family Awareness, Counselling, and Advocacy

Program Description

The Stop the Violence program offers professional individual or group counselling for women over the age of 19, or minors leading adult lifestyles, who have experienced sexual assault, violence/abuse in relationships, or childhood trauma, within the Fort Nelson community and surrounding areas.

Assessments, counselling, and referrals are provided in a safe, respectful, and compassionate environment, with a client-centered focus and a culturally-aware approach.

We are dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy for all women who experience violence in their lives, with the end goal of self-empowerment and holistic wellness.

Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society
Victim Services

The Victim Services is a non-profit program funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, is contracted to the Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society and located at RCMP. It provides information, practical assistance and support services to those who have become a victim of crime (under the Criminal Code of Canada) or believe they are a victim under of crime.

Victim Services provides support and information to all victims of crime, including those affected by crime where the perpetrator is not identified and/or charged. The crime does not have to be reported however the Victim Services will encourage you to speak to the RCMP.

Victim Service provides services to all people in the Fort Nelson area. Police-based Victim Service program will provide Critical Incident Response, Criminal Justice Information and Support, Safety Planning, Information and Referrals as well as Emotional and Practical Support to clients. The Victim Services Program Manager work out of the RCMP Detachment.

(250) 774-4511

Mental Health and Addiction

There is help available!

This program offers confidential and professional counselling sessions for individuals or groups.

If you or a family member is suffering from:

  • Misuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Sadness or depression
  • Anxiety
  • Or any other addiction or mental health concern

This program may be for you!

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oak grow strong in contrary winds, and diamonds are made under pressure."

-Peter Marshall

Women's Outreach

The Outreach Coordinator provides information, advice, referrals and representation on a variety of issues that include:

* Income Assistance
* Housing
* Canada Pension Plan
* Medical Applications
* Legal Issues

HIV Aids Awareness / Harm Reduction

HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction:
To provide low barrier access to safer sex and drug use supplies along with information/education to all surrounding areas in the community. Provide education in plain language to reduce stigma and encourage participation. To educate safe sex and drug use supplies. All done in a culturally safe environment, no matter what age, race or gender. Support and promote groups such as those who choose to take intravenous drugs, men who have sex with men, and sex trade workers.
Reduce risk of high at-risk drug users by providing education on proper use of drug supplies. Provide HIV and HCV prevention including information on local support groups.

Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society HIV/AIDS Harm reduction program offers an array of services.
* On site full Harm Reduction supplies
* Take Home Naloxone
* HIV Testing kits - these are taken home or done on site
* Onsite fentanyl testing strips
* Disposal of needles
* One-on-one information sessions on drug use/ safe sex
* FIRETALK- Substance users’ group - Date to be announced.
* Ready-made substance supply kits available upon request.
* Fully certified Harm Reduction coach

Food Bank

Food Bank is located at 4903 50th St. It runs every second Thursday from 11:00-3:00. Food Bank provides healthy non-perishable foods to help out for a couple days. From time to time we are able to offer some perishable foods when available. If you are needing assistance please inquire through the Fort Nelson Friendship Centre (250-774-2993) to get signed up.

Women's Transition / Men's Shelter

Men's Shelter

Father Poullet Men's Emergency Shelter: Minimal barrier emergency shelter for men ages 19 years and older. Provides six beds and a refuge area. We provide a safe, secure environment and appropriate accommodations for all clients on a short-term basis. Light meals and food vouchers, clothing, toiletries, showers and laundry facilities are available.

You will also receive referrals to appropriate community services and resources that include Medical Services, Mental Health Services, Alcohol and Drug Treatment, and Employment Programs. Also offers transportation to shelter and to appointments. Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use. Funded by BC Housing. Please contact for more information.

Tel: (250) 774-3816 Fax: (250) 774-3818

Tel: (250) 774-3816
Fax: (250) 774-3818

Women's Transitional House: Provides shelter for women and their children who are fleeing family violence. If you need help we are only a phone call away. Take advantage of the services we offer such as 24-hour support, free services, advocacy, safety plan creating, referral service, transportation, and follow-ups. Funded by BC Housing. Please contact for more information.

Tel: (250) 774-4742 Fax: (250) 233-8636

Tel: (250) 774-4742
Fax: (250) 233-8636

Youth Drop-In

The Youth Outreach Program offers a wide range of programming/services for youth. Programming includes Life Skills training, one-on-one advocacy/support, structured group activities, development of positive support systems, healthy lifestyle choices, cultural activities and healing arts, as well as participation in community events and activities.

The Youth Centre is a free drop-in program funded by the

Ministry of Children and Family Development. The mission is

to provide a safe, healthy, and non-judgmental environment

for all youth between the ages of 7-18. Activities

may include homework help, career planning, life skills, baking, game nights, movie nights, cultural activities, swimming, snowshoeing, crafts, and so much more.

Hours: Monday - Friday 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Tel: (250) 774-4132 Fax: (250) 774-2998

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (250) 774-4132
Fax: (250) 774-2998
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Elder's Wellness Program

Programming for Elders: Led by Elders, this program provides interactive activities to socialize, and to receive support and holistic health information.

Once a month there is an Elders Social that takes place at the ​Friendship Center. It runs from 12 - 4 p.m.

Community Gatherings: Community celebrations, and recognition of nationally-identified health and social-related days of importance, including Mental Health and Addictions Week, Sisters in Spirit, HIV Harm Reduction Awareness Week, and many more.

Legal Advocate/Family Law Advocate

Legal Advocate:
The Poverty Legal Advocacy Program is funded by the Law Foundation of BC. The goal is to ensure fair access to income support and services through information referrals, support and one-on-one advocacy in the following areas:
*Provincial Programs: Income Assistance, PPMD, PWD, Tenancy
*Federal Benefits including: CPP, OAS, CPP-D, Survivor Benefits, EI applications and reconsiderations, Disability Tax Credit. Overpayments and Benefit Reviews, Disability Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit
*Any other issues including Debt, WCB and more

Family Law:
Primarily Family Law, including child protection, with some assistance in other overlapping matters (e.g. immigration, criminal, etc.).
* Guardianship and parenting
* Parental responsibilities
* Child Support
* Spousal Support
* Divorce
* Assistance with separation agreements